Peak Volleyball: Satellite Travel Volleyball Camp at your site

Satellite Travel Volleyball Camps at your site
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Peak Volleyball: Satellite / Travel Volleyball Camp at your site

Host a volleyball camp. We help you build the dream on your home court! Your goals become our goals!

The Peak Volleyball satellite volleyball camp is a great choice for high school volleyball teams and groups to host a volleyball camp at your site. We come to your gym and create a dynamic comprehensive program based on your goals. It's about building the dream, a championship team culture, and and putting the work in to be in position to reach your peak.

Our Satellite Volleyball Camp experience focuses on four core areas in team development:
1. Skills foundation and position training
2. Team systems and game scenarios training
3. Competition
4. Team building integration and developing a championship team culture

We make it easy for the coach! Pick your dates and we make it happen.


1. Confirm your dates are available through Mike Welch by phone 530-448-0519 or by email at If you have not submitted the Request Satellite Camp Form, click this link for a printable form to reserve your Satellite Travel Volleyball Camp at your site. Type and click the form questions before printing. Then save, scan or mobile phone photo the completed form, and e-mail to

2. To secure your camp dates for a Satellite / Travel volleyball camp at your site, pay the 5 registration deposit by changing the quantity (Qty) to 5.

3. To pay a final balance payment 30 days before your camp begins. Pay the remainder of your participant registrations by changing the quantity (Qty) to the number of participants, less the number you paid previously (example, 24 participants, less 5 paid for deposit = 19).

4. Click "Add to Cart" and finish payment process.

Go to for more information.

Feel free to contact Mike Welch at 530-448-0519 or email with any questions.
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