Peak Volleyball: Team Retreat Camp in Jacksonville, Florida

Peak Volleyball: Team Retreat Camp at Berry College, GA
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Peak Volleyball: Team Retreat Camp in Jacksonville, Florida July 10-12, 2018.
This is the 20th Year of the Team Retreat Volleyball Camp. For girls high school Varsity, JV and Freshmen teams.


Since 1998, the Team Retreat Camp was at the University of North Florida and Berry College. It is now back in Jacksonville at the beautiful JJVA Volleyball Training Center! This camp sold out the last 3 years in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Register your deposit early to save your space!

JJVA Volleyball Training Center
Beautiful new 12 court facility
8457 Western Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256

The Team Retreat Camp TM is for high school Varsity, JV, and Freshman teams. Peak Volleyball Camps is a great choice for high school volleyball teams. We create a dynamic comprehensive program including skills training, team systems training, game scenarios, competitions, and team building. It's about building the dream, a championship team culture, and cohesiveness to reach your peak.

Our Team Retreat Camp TM experience focuses on 5 core areas in team development:

1. Skills foundation and position training
2. Team systems and game scenarios training
3. Competition (indoor tournament and a beach tournament)
4. Team building integration and developing a championship team culture
5. FUN. Having a fun and positive experience together builds team cohesiveness!

We develop your team's foundation with critical skill development, along with team systems training. Serve and passing skills are turned into an efficient serve receive system. Hitting and blocking skills are transformed into a dynamic defense to offense transition attack. Our staff connects the dots between fundamental skills and team performance. We have lots of competitions built in too! Our systems training (like serve receive, transition offense...) turn the drills into competitive game scenario situations. The camp concludes with a capstone indoor tournament.

Participants receive a free camp gift!


- $250 per player. $750 non-refundable deposit to save your team space (which will be applied towards 3 player registrations). Final roster registrations due by June 1)
- Head Coach free (includes lunches)
- $30 for Assistant Coaches and Chaperones (lunches and camp gifts)
- Price includes lunches each day and camp gifts (backpack and other).
- Price does not include optional accommodations, breakfasts, or dinners.

Optional Accommodations and Meals

- We have blocked hotel rooms for your team through Avanti Travel Group. Hotel options include complimentary breakfasts. Click on this link to reserve your team rooms...LINK COMING SOON.
- All participants receive complimentary lunches provided at camp facility

Camp agenda and additional information available on the camp web page. Check for updates a few days before the first day of the camp.
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Price $250.00
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