Peak Volleyball: Volleyball Camp at Central High School

Peak Volleyball: Volleyball Camp for Central High School in Rapid City, South Dakota
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Peak Volleyball: Peak Volleyball Camp at Central High School, Rapid City, South Dakota June 12-14, 2017

This camp is sold out.

LOCATION CHANGE: South Community Center, 2 Indiana Street, Rapid City, SD

Online registration open to all volleyball players 7th-12th grade from any school.

Peak Volleyball Camp

This fast-paced camp brings intensity to each training session. This camp has expert skills instruction to elevate players of all levels to reach their peak. Fun positive atmosphere and proven training curriculum. Based on the experience levels of participants, training includes skills, position training. Team system training in offense, defense, and transition is also integrated into the camp experience.

Our experience focuses on four core areas in team development:
1. Skills foundation and position training
2. Team systems and game scenarios training
3. Competitions
4. Team building integration and developing a championship team culture

We use digital tablet video technology for visual learning. We use our speed radar gun to help improve your power with serving and attacking. Peak Volleyball connects the dots between fundamental skills and team performance. We incorporate team cohesiveness as a part of everything we do. We build championship team culture into every session.

Session led by Mike Welch. This is a great opportunity to work with a former two time USA Youth National Team Head Coach and 17 year NCAA Division I and II college championship head coach!

All registrations includes a Peak Volleyball drawstring backpack!

Sessions times are from 9:00am-11:30am and 12:30pm-3:00pm each day.

Day 1
9:00am Session: Serve, Pass and Serve Receive
11:30am Break
12:30pm Session: Set, Attack and Continuous Games
3:00pm Session ends

Day 2
9:00am Session: Serve Receive
11:30am Lunch break
12:30pm Session: Defense and Team Defense
3:00pm Session ends

Day 3
9:00am Session: Block and Transition
11:30am Lunch break
12:30pm Session: Competitions
3:00pm Camp concludes

Printable camp agenda and additional information available on the camp brochure. Check for updates a few days before the first day of the camp.
Price $199.00
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